Offa’s daughter Eadburh married Beorhtric of Wessex in , and Beorhtric became an ally thereafter. Ecgfrith succeeded him but reigned for less than five months before Coenwulf came to the throne. A significant corpus of letters dates from the period, especially from Alcuin, who corresponded with kings, nobles, and ecclesiastics throughout England. The Chronicle was a West Saxon production, however, and is sometimes thought to be biased in favour of Wessex. Coenwulf’s father’s name was Cuthberht, who may have been the same person as an ealdorman of that name who witnessed charters during the reign of Offa. Alcuin wrote to a Mercian nobleman to ask him to greet Coenwulf peaceably “if it is possible to do so”, implying uncertainty about Coenwulf’s policy towards the Carolingians.

Saxon butter churn found in Staffordshire sheds light on life in Mercian Kingdom

Heptarchy During Wilfrid’s lifetime Britain and Ireland consisted of a number of small kingdoms. Traditionally the English people were thought to have been divided into seven kingdoms, but modern historiography has shown that this is a simplification of a much more confused situation. A native British kingdom, later called the Kingdom of Strathclyde , survived as an independent power into the 10th century in the area which became modern-day Dunbartonshire and Clydesdale.

It also appears likely that the Irish settled in parts of Wales, and even after the period of Irish settlement, Irish missionaries were active in Britain.

Apr 09,  · Mercia TaxApp has been designed to provide you with an aide-memoire to key tax rates and convenient access to a range of useful tax calculators in one app. The application also summarises the key tax free benefits-in-kind (with statutory references) and relevant technical news is provided via the Mercia Newswire on a regular basis/5(9).

Posted on 31 August 18 comments The St Andrews Sarcophagus is one of the more splendid pieces of artwork left to us from Pictish Scotland. The front shows a royal hunt, with various odd hybrid beasties lurking in a tree past which the hunters ride, and elsewhere David killing the lion, and the sides and corners are heavily decorated with interlace and animal and vegetal motives. The interesting thing is that these were not necessarily of the kings themselves, though there was a Mercian royal mausoleum at Repton that the Vikings took over in , still sadly not fully published.

This was presumably meant to prevent any royal cult growing up around the dead king back in East Anglia, in which respect it failed, but Hereford seem also to have been quite glad to have him. In some ways this is not what we have at St Andrews—it is single piece, not built out of parts, and its carving is much less ambitious—but in other ways it is, because of the identity of St Alkmund.

What we know happened to Eardwulf is that he was exiled himself in Plunkett therefore brings the Mercian church of Breedon-on-the-Hill into the argument at this point, and indeed has already done so in the relevant chapter because of it too having some unusually high-relief sculpture showing a royal hunt and some Classicising figures that all bear very strong comparisons to the St Andrews material, though he fights shy of actually proposing a connection in either direction.

This saint is apparently unknown elsewhere.

The Saxon Origins of Bristol

Pagans visiting the chalk downs of southern England will be more than familiar with the white horses of various ages which dot the landscape. The earliest surviving one is of course the most famous the White Horse of Uffington; the majority date from the 18th and early 19th centuries and are very stylised and sterile by comparison. It is not widely known, however, that Warwickshire once had its own horse carved into the landscape and a truly unique beast it was – the Red Horse of Tysoe, the site of which lies on the A between Banbury and Stratford upon Avon not a few miles from the site of the battle of Edgehill.

By the standards of hill figures around the country, this was an early example.

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Volume 41, Issues 3—4 , November , Pages A review of tufa and travertine deposits of the world Author links open overlay panel T. Pedleyb Show more https: An attempt is made to standardise the terminology currently in use and to distinguish clearly between ambient temperature deposits tufas , thermal deposits travertines and speleothems. Consideration is also presented of the physico-chemical and biological processes, often acting together, which are responsible for the precipitation of freshwater calcium carbonate within tufa systems.

These processes appear to be climatically controlled. Therefore, tufas may be of value in palaeo-environmental reconstruction, especially if intercalated with peaty material. While the majority of tufa deposits are of post-glacial age some of the most spectacular carbonate precipitates are thermal travertines. The second part of the paper deals with a world-wide survey of the principal deposits of tufa and travertine.

Space prevents a fuller account of the European deposits and the reader is preferred to Pentecost for a wide range of specific examples from Europe and Asia Minor. Previous article in issue.

Body found in river in hunt for missing student

Second opinion[ edit ] Looking for a second opinion regarding this paragraph: Stenton argued that Offa was perhaps the greatest king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the proof of his ability obscured by the lack of a historian to describe his achievements. I don’t think Offa was the greatest of the AS kingdoms but then this isn’t about my opinion is it?

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This index page proves that Aelfgar is mentioned only on pages , I will extract every reference below. His son Harold succeeded to his earldom, and Harold’s earldom was given to Algar, son of earl Leofric. Algar presently went to Ireland, and having collected eighteen pirate ships, returned with them to Wales, where he implored Griffyth the king to lend him his aid against king Edward.

Griffyth, Algar, and Harold

Officer now sacked from West Mercia Police for ‘inappropriate relationship’ Today she insisted she was the force’s scapegoat after family’s complaints She said: ‘I did it as a human being and friend.

Life[ edit ] Opera Bedae Venerabilis Almost everything that is known of Bede’s life is contained in the last chapter of his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, a history of the church in England. It was completed in about , [2] and Bede implies that he was then in his fifty-ninth year, which would give a birth date in or The Liber Vitae of Durham Cathedral names two priests with this name, one of whom is presumably Bede himself.

Some manuscripts of the Life of Cuthbert, one of Bede’s works, mention that Cuthbert’s own priest was named Bede; it is possible that this priest is the other name listed in the Liber Vitae. The Life of Ceolfrith, written in about , records that only two surviving monks were capable of singing the full offices; one was Ceolfrith and the other a young boy, who according to the anonymous writer had been taught by Ceolfrith.

The two managed to do the entire service of the liturgy until others could be trained. The young boy was almost certainly Bede, who would have been about Bede would probably have met the abbot during this visit, and it may be that Adomnan sparked Bede’s interest in the Easter dating controversy. The canonical age for the ordination of a deacon was 25; Bede’s early ordination may mean that his abilities were considered exceptional, [20] but it is also possible that the minimum age requirement was often disregarded.

Not all his output can be easily dated, and Bede may have worked on some texts over a period of many years. Translations of this phrase differ, and it is uncertain whether Bede intended to say that he was cured of a speech problem, or merely that he was inspired by the saint’s works. Wilfrid did not respond to the accusation, but a monk present relayed the episode to Bede, who replied within a few days to the monk, writing a letter setting forth his defence and asking that the letter also be read to Wilfrid.

Wilfrid had been present at the exhumation of her body in , and Bede questioned the bishop about the exact circumstances of the body and asked for more details of her life, as Wilfrid had been her advisor.

Coenwulf of Mercia

Share this article Share ‘There was no sexual relationship. There was nothing romantic. The only thing I did inappropriately was to have contact with him when I shouldn’t have, but I did it as a friend and as a human being. She was meant to guide Mr Foulkes and his terminally ill wife Dorothy – who died a few months later – though the traumatic death and subsequent court case.

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A post-Roman local king or powerful warlord, rather than an eighth-century Anglo-Saxon ruler of Mercia, now seems likely to have been the mastermind behind the construction of Wat’s Dyke, the frontier earthwork that snakes through the northern section of the Welsh borderlands.

Mercia in the early Middle Ages Early history The Staffordshire Hoard , discovered in a field in Hammerwich , near Lichfield in July , is perhaps the most important collection of Anglo-Saxon objects found in England Mercia’s exact evolution at the start of the Anglo-Saxon era remains more obscure than that of Northumbria , Kent , or even Wessex.

Mercia developed an effective political structure and adopted Christianity later than the other kingdoms. The name “Mercia” is Old English for “boundary folk” see Welsh Marches , and the traditional interpretation is that the kingdom originated along the frontier between the native Welsh and the Anglo-Saxon invaders. Hunter Blair argued an alternative interpretation: While its earliest boundaries will never be known, there is general agreement that the territory that was called “the first of the Mercians” in the Tribal Hidage covered much of south Derbyshire , Leicestershire , Nottinghamshire , Staffordshire and northern Warwickshire.

Coming to power around , he built a fortress at Tamworth which became the seat of Mercia’s kings.

Penda of Mercia : Wikis (The Full Wiki)

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And they went, with a force of West Saxons, into Mercia as far as Nottingham, and there found the army in the works [i.e. fortress], and there besieged them.+ But there was no hard battle there; and the Mercians made peace with the army.”.

He evidently had control of the sub-kingdom of the Hwicce from the beginning, but he may have faced opposition elsewhere. For the first seven years of his reign there is no sign of Offa’s influence elsewhere in the Heptarchy. Charter evidence S , S34 suggests that he managed to establish himself as overlord of Egbert and Heahberht , co-kings of Kent, in Sussex was ruled by a number of kings.

It would appear, then, that, having mopped up the remaining resistance in , Offa proceeded to annex Sussex. There was a battle between Mercian and Kentish forces at Otford, Kent, in He had also appropriated Bath and its surrounds from the territory of the Hwicce. Despite his appearance in the witness-list of a charter of Offa’s dated S , Cynewulf appears to have retained his independence.

The red horse of Tysoe

Early history[ edit ] The Staffordshire Hoard , discovered in a field in Hammerwich , near Lichfield in July , is perhaps the most important collection of Anglo-Saxon objects found in England Mercia’s exact evolution at the start of the Anglo-Saxon era remains more obscure than that of Northumbria , Kent , or even Wessex. Mercia developed an effective political structure and adopted Christianity later than the other kingdoms.

The name “Mercia” is Old English for “boundary folk” see Welsh Marches , and the traditional interpretation is that the kingdom originated along the frontier between the native Welsh and the Anglo-Saxon invaders.

When no compromise was possible Wilfrid left Northumbria for Mercia, and Bosa was returned to York. [20] Something of the reception to Wilfrid’s expulsion can be picked up in a Latin letter which has survived only in an incomplete quotation by William of Malmesbury in his Gesta pontificum Anglorum.

Terminology Harassment In this legal guidance, the term harassment is used to cover the ‘causing alarm or distress’ offences under section 2 of the Protection from Harassment Act as amended PHA , and ‘putting people in fear of violence’ offences under section 4 of the PHA. The term can also include harassment by two or more defendants against an individual or harassment against more than one victim.

Although harassment is not specifically defined in section 7 2 of the PHA, it can include repeated attempts to impose unwanted communications and contact upon a victim in a manner that could be expected to cause distress or fear in any reasonable person. The definition of harassment was considered in Plavelil v Director of Public Prosecutions [ ] EWHC Admin , in which it was held that the repeated making of false and malicious assertions against a doctor in connection with an investigation by the GMC could amount to a course of harassment.

The Court of Appeal rejected the argument that malicious allegations could not be oppressive if they could easily be rebutted. A prosecution under section 2 or 4 requires proof of harassment. Closely connected groups may also be subjected to ‘collective’ harassment. The primary intention of this type of harassment is not generally directed at an individual but rather at members of a group. Harassment of an individual can also occur when a person is harassing others connected with the individual, knowing that this behaviour will affect their victim as well as the other people that the person appears to be targeting their actions towards.

This is known as ‘stalking by proxy’. Family members, friends and employees of the victim may be subjected to this. The new offences which came into force on 25 November , are not retrospective, and provide further options for prosecutors to consider when selecting charges. The Home Office issued guidelines in relation to the stalking offences.

Whilst there is no strict legal definition of ‘stalking’, section 2A 3 of the PHA sets out examples of acts or omissions which, in particular circumstances, are ones associated with stalking.

Vikings: Ragnar Speaks with King Ecbert’s Men