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His elder son John Beswick joined his father in the mid s and was associated from the start with the Gold Street Works. In the Warwick China Works in Chadwick St, Longton was purchased allowing the business to manufacture bone china ware and fancy items in addition to its extensive domestic earthenware. John Wright Beswick died in May and John Beswick became the proprietor and driving force behind the expansion of the business. His brother Gilbert I Beswick appears to have played a lesser role in the business. John Beswick died in October after a prolonged illness at the age of In the adjoining premises of H. From John Beswick Ltd traded as a listed public company. After its takeover, Doulton continued to produce the Beswick animal models and figurines under the Beswick name, although the range was reduced and only a few new models entered production. From early Doulton ceased using the Beswick trade name, although the Gold Street factory continuing to produce the same models with a Doulton backstamp. The Beswick mark was briefly resurrected for the centenary of the name


Wedgwood As we recently posted , Minton majolica used a complex series if marks including a date code symbol to mark its earthenware. However it was not the only pottery to date code its majolica. Wedgwood, which began potting majolica in , used a simple letter system to mark its earthenware and pearlware. Like Minton, Wedgwood was quite fastidious about marking their wares.

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Contact Us Backstamp Dating On this page we’ve listed backstamp dating guides for many brands we deal in. If you are looking for Lladro, for example, type that in the box and it will bring you to the spot on the page. We try very hard to give credit to site’s information that we show, but occasionally our buyers send us information, so if there is anything that needs to be linked, just let us know!

The following was found on: Many variations exist for this stamp, but all were marked “US Zone,” signifying that the figurines were made in the occupied zone of Germany. All these marks should be treated as TMK1 or Crown marks. Lladro Markings logotypes This guide comes directly from The Prudent Collector who owns the copyright for the below photos and description: This mark was used from approximately to The second Lladro logo was also impressed into the porcelain.

This trademark was used from approximately to The third Lladro mark was changed to a blue backstamp which featured the now famous Lladro bellflower. This trademark was used from about to The missing accent over the letter “o” was intentional.

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The Beswick factory was invested in out by Royal Doulton with Fortunately, there are still many original Beswick figurines out there that could be purchased by the avid collector. Collectors of porcelain figurines will be familiar with the wide range of stamps used by manufacturers to mark their work. John Beswick implemented this practice at his Beswick factory and the range of marks or stamps that can be found on Beswick pieces give an invaluable insight into both your provenance and value in the piece itself.

The answer to this is certainly no. There are a large number of Beswick figurines in circulation that should not have a mark at all along with the Beswick factory was well-known for unfinished pieces, particularly on a Friday afternoon!

1st Quality Backstamp (Dating to between ) Storage: To avoid scratching do not stack items so they touch Cleaning and Care: Dishwasher safe at F maximum – the “short wash” or “china and crystal” cycle is sufficient for normal cleaning Further Info.

A Hummel figurine can be dated by the marking or trademark on the underside of its base. This mark is also referred to as the backstamp, stamp, or figure. This is very important as Hummel values are determined by age as well as scarcity. An older version of a figurine can command a much higher price than one which was made at a later date. It’s also important for authenticating a figurine as one lacking one of the following marks is quite likely to be a forgery.

The following markings are the standard backstamps you are most likely to see on the vast majority of Hummel figurines. However be aware that according to the M. Hummel company, sometimes rare and undocumented variations have been known to surface. From the first figurine in until the following 3 trademarks were used. After the end of World War II the United States permitted Goebel to export figurines which had previously been prohibited for exportation.

These figurines were marked in various related ways: These stamps indicated that the figurines were produced in the occupied zone of Germany.

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The earlier Beswick stamps, dating from just after the First World War, take the form of a simple circle or oval shape formed by the words ‘Beswick England’. Beswick Pottery – A Guide to ‘Backstamps’ Or Porcelain Marks on Beswick Figurines

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Ceramic animals Ceramic animals popular, especially among those who enjoy collecting a favorite species. Ranging from realistic models to characters from children’s books, they were often made by notable factories such as royal doulton. Ceramic animals Dogs are among the most collectable of ceramic animals, perhaps reflecting the loyalty people show their pets. Other creatures collected range from breeds of cattle and sheep to the wild beasts of far-distant lands.

Spaniels and sheepdogs Ceramic Stafford shire animals were produced in great numbers from the early 19th century, when these inexpensive figurines were in vogue. They were often produced in facing pairs.

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If you are trying to find the meaning of elusive pottery marks or need to research famous potters we have a large selection of both and are adding to the site all the time. There are some useful guides about how to look after your collection, and even start your collection. Please feel free to bookmark the site and browse at your convenience.

Collecting Pottery Sylvac cat People have admired fine china pottery for centuries, but collecting ordinary domestic pottery and local wares is a more recent interest. Pottery by fashionable makers and designers is expensive, especially in antique shops and specialised sales, but it is still possible to build an interesting collection of modern ceramics without breaking the bank. Starting a pottery collection Keep your eyes open. You need great enthusiasm and a willingness to hunt for interesting pottery everywhere you go.

Look out for antique fairs, general auctions, house clearance sales, junk shops and car boot sales — anywhere that might have china and pottery for sale. Have you looked in your own attic. After years of the Antiques Roadshow, there are not many genuine Ming vases just waiting to be picked up for a song, but some copies have become collectable and valuable in their own right. The recent vogue for Clarice Cliff has led to faking of pieces like the conical sugar shakers — the originals can fetch thousands of pounds at auction.

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Production then expanded to include hand-decorated stoneware. Queen Victoria knighted Henry Doulton in for his innovations in the ceramic art. In , the company became Doulton and Company, Ltd.

The Beswick and Royal Albert Backstamps used on Beatrix Potter Figures have changed many times since and they can be useful to aid in dating a particular piece. The figures did not retain their original mark but as backstamps changed all figures in current production were marked with the new backstamp.

Longton, Staffordshire — Longton is a southern district of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, one of the six towns of the Potteries which formed the City of Stoke-on-Trent in Longton was a town in the parish of Stoke in the county of Staffordshire. The town still has a market housed in an attractively renovated market hall, coal miners in the Hanley and Longton area ignited the General Strike and associated Pottery Riots. In the area was granted city status, one legacy of Longtons administrative independence from to is Longton Town Hall, a prominent landmark in the town centre.

In Longton Town Hall faced demolition by Stoke-on-Trent City Council amid considerable local protest, work on stripping the interior had already begun before an injunction was brought and the building saved. Tawney, known as the patron saint of adult education, taught the classes for three years from January For a time, until he moved to Manchester in , to fulfil his teaching commitments to the WEA, he travelled first to Longton for the evening class every Friday, before travelling north to Rochdale for the Saturday afternoon class.

Arnold Bennett referred to Longton as Longshaw in his novels centred on the Potteries towns, the district has a long history as a base for the pottery industry, such as Paragon China and Aynsley, and several major manufacturers still have a presence, along with Gladstone Pottery Museum.

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The Queen liked the pieces so much that in she knighted Henry Doulton for his contributions to England’s ceramic art. By bestowing this royal honor upon the company, King Edward was also giving them the right to be called Royal Doulton. There are three brands that make up Doulton Home: The company has used numerous backstamps, marks and logos over the years. Many figurines have the artist’s initials stamped on the bottom.

Antique English pottery specialist dealer in early 18th and 19th century ceramics including Staffordshire figures, bocage pearlware figures,early Wedgwood, Leeds and Staffordshire plain and coloured glaze creamware, prattware, English delft and some Welsh and Scottish pottery.

This website will show the various marks used by the Van Briggle Pottery. How to interpret English Registry Marks and Numbers. England lacked registry designation Dating English Registry Marks. Hello and Welcome to my pottery marks blog. Dating years of Porcelain. The figure is made of heavy pottery, not porcelain. Marks on any piece offered as Royal Dux must be examined very carefully.

A simple guide to understanding the basics of the marks and dates on the underside of pottery. Why the marks are important:

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Pottery Porcelain Marks Crown: Marks showing crowns have been used since the early 18th century and are still in use today. As you go back towards the center of the tree. Many people inherit or find colorful dishes, and need to know whether or not it is actual Fiesta.

It is possible to date Beswick stamps by learning to recognize the stamp. There are ten different Beswick backstamps from different periods, and the stamp varies depending on the date or period.

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Shaw called his company the Sheaf Art Pottery, but the wares produced were not produced by hand as in many art pottery studios – rather they were mass produced in moulds and then hand decorated. They were very ornate and heavily decorated with gold and a lot of hand painting. Over the years many different decorative techniques were used and so a wide range of fancy goods can be found today. In the early s aerography was used with hand painting, followed by lithographic transfers with hand embellishments.

Lustre wares were produced and, from the late s until the s , a cellulose finish, in imitation of Wedgwood jasper ware.

Dating Aynsley Backstamps – John Aynsley – ArtiFact:: Free Encyclopedia of Everything Aynsley backstamp dating | OdessanceDating Aynsley Backstamps «3 beste tilkoblingsstederDating Aynsley Marks | VKGuide Dating Aynsley China Backstamp – Dating Advice OnlineWhat are Antique Marks?stampsaynsley Aynsley Collector Society – pinterest.

Doulton then found employment as a thrower at a small pottery in Vauxhall Walk, owned, following the death of her husband, by a Mrs Martha Jones. In Mrs Jones retired, the partnership was dissolved and Doulton and Watts continued the business on their own account. The dissolution of the partnership and the start of he Doulton business is recorded in the London Gazette for 4th February John Doulton Jnr b.

In Henry Doulton established a separate business to manufacture sanitary ware and earthenware pipes. John Doulton Jnr also started an independent business in , establishing a pipe-making factory at St Helens in Lancashire to supply pipes to Liverpool and the north-west. At the end of John Watts retired, triggering the liquidation of his partnership with John Doulton.

The contributions of the respective liquidated businesses were:

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