A Facebook group needs strong leadership and clear direction if you want it to succeed. Launching a successful Facebook group is a definite art. It has to be compelling and dynamic and press peoples emotional hot buttons. Get a striking image and then use photo shop to add some text on top of the picture. Make sure it can still be read when it is reduced in size. Groups go viral because people invite their friends to join. In that case find another friend and launch together.

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It gets its name from the Latin Britannia, as modern-day Brittany was once part of the Roman province of Britain. There are also claims that Brittany was referred to as Lesser or Little Britain Britannia Inferior but this also is said to have been the case for northern England and Wales. What is clear is that the Romans called Brittany Armorica, and after the fall of their empire Britons from what is now the UK crossed the channel and populated northwest France.

So historically Brittany and Great Britain share at the very least linguistic and genetic roots as well as the rainy weather. After expelling the Vikings, Brittany became an independent kingdom in the early Middle Ages and then a duchy- a type of medieval feudal state ruled by an all-powerful duke – from up until

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EU 16 August A book on two movements opposing large-scale infrastructure developments in France and Italy sheds light on the motivations that can unite people under one banner and the philosophy of struggle. Across the French border in northern Italy lies the Susa Valley, site of another anti-infrastructure battle. Here, spread across a much larger territory, residents have opposed plans for a high-speed train TAV network between Lyon and Turin since the s.

Both struggles are the subject of a new book by the writing group Mauvaise Troupe Collective, recently published in English translation by Kristin Ross, following original publication in French in Publishing — and book publishing in particular — is a slow business. For fiction, the problem of time is not so pressing. With translations, the problem is even more acute.

Two years is not a long time in the arc of human history, but in stories of territorial struggle and resistance, entire histories can be written and rewritten in a matter of days. Territorial Struggles and the Making of a New Political Intelligence does not aim to keep abreast of current affairs. Instead, it aspires to document the history of political struggle in the words of the protagonists as those struggles occur.

Despite the fact that construction of the TAV base tunnel is expected to begin later this year and the Grand Ouest Airport has been abandoned, this is not a book with a sell-by date. As the authors highlight, although both movements emerged in opposition to new infrastructure projects in rural territories, they are marked by substantial differences.

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Timeline of Gatwick Airport The land on which Gatwick Airport stands was first developed as an aerodrome in the late s. The Air Ministry approved commercial flights from the site in , and the first terminal, “The Beehive” , was built in Scheduled air services from the new terminal began the following year. Major development work at the airport took place during the s.

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And not one that paints realistic scenes, like a Rembrandt or a Michelangelo, but some ADHD-riddled little kid furiously scrawling demented visions on the back of a school notebook. Here are 11 of those unbelievable scenes, crafted by Mother Nature’s infinitely creative but hilariously unhinged mind. Wasps don’t need to get more terrifying. And yet here we are. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Yes, that’s a decapitated wasp calmly locating its severed head and then flying off like it’s just a flesh wound.

It turns out that insects don’t necessarily need their brains or heads to function because they have ganglia, or nerve clusters, in their bodies as well. The ganglia are like auxiliary brains that control most body functions independent of the head-brain , allowing bugs to go on doing their buggy thang until they die of starvation.

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Keeler Johnson “Keelerman” Twitter: I , Travers Stakes gr. I , and Pennsylvania Derby gr.

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A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints made an indie star out of him in The spark wasn’t there. We weren’t passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, speed bumps ahead. I was in the middle of a strange mind state, having just come off a three-month window of focus. I can’t diminish what happened at all. But I can say this: I’m not the first year-old to be arrested for a misdemeanor.

There are lessons in life I need to learn, and I’m learning all of them in front of the public. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department ultimately backed up his claim that the accident, in which he collided with an oncoming car when the driver ran a red light, was not his fault.

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Many dream of its joie de vivre shown by the countless restaurants, picturesque villages and world-famous gastronomy. Some come to follow the trail of France’s great philosophers, writers and artists, or to immerse in the beautiful language it gave the world. And others still are drawn to the country’s geographical diversity with its long coastlines, massive mountain ranges and breathtaking farmland vistas. Understand[ edit ] France has been the world’s most popular tourist destination for quite some time.

France is one of the most geographically diverse countries in Europe, containing areas as different from each other as urban chic Paris, the sunny French Riviera, long Atlantic beaches, the winter sports resorts of the French Alps, the castles of the Loire Valley, rugged Celtic Brittany and the historian’s dream that is Normandy. France is a country of rich emotions and turbulent politics but also a place of rational thinking and Enlightenment treasures.

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Keeler Johnson “Keelerman” Twitter: History waiting at the finish line. I promises to be one of the most anticipated races of the year thanks to the undefeated Justify, who will face off against nine rivals while seeking a rare sweep of the Triple Crown. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in and take a look at each horse in the field I and Preakness Stakes gr. I under his belt. Along the way, he conquered the fabled “Apollo Curse” by winning the Derby without any racing experience as a two-year-old, and now he’s poised to join stablemate American Pharoah as only the second horse since to sweep the Triple Crown.

No matter how you slice it, Justify is the horse to beat in the Belmont Stakes, even if he does have a few obstacles to overcome. With his eye-catching speed figures and proven ability to set and survive a fast pace, Justify holds a significant tactical advantage in the Belmont Stakes, and now that he’s drawn the rail it would come as no surprise to see jockey Mike Smith send Justify straight to the lead and play “catch me if you can.

The main concerns are the possibility of a slow start and the possibility that Justify is starting to regress after his busy racing schedule. Although Justify has generally been pretty quick out of the starting gate, he is a big horse that needs to settle into a rhythm to run his best race, and even a moment’s hesitation breaking from post one could be enough to shuffle him back through the pack if any of the other riders get aggressive, and racing behind horses in a pocket would be far from ideal for Justify.

As for the possibility of regression, there has been some concern among handicappers over the fact that Justify was all-out to win the Preakness Stakes by just a half-length while earning career-low Beyer and BRIS speed figures of 97 and 98, respectively.

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In the run-up to what could be a historic meeting, we explore the ongoing research by scientists from all disciplines. Also in this issue, the complexity of remotely repairing spacecraft and probes; turning natural poisons into drugs; cybersecurity on airplanes; perovskites and photovoltaics; the rise and fall of innovation, the E2P2L laboratory on sustainable chemistry; the China CNRS office is 20 years old, and much more.

Its objective is to develop quantum technology applications by strengthening partnerships between research and industry, in the fields of measurement, computation, simulation, and information processing and communication. The EU selected twenty projects, nineteen of which are research projects: Initial observations reveal very diverse reef states due to a varying mix of global and local stress factors. At certain sites, like the Chesterfield Islands, reefs were intact, but global warming has marred those at many other sites, like the Samoan Islands and some islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia.

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History[ edit ] Its site probably corresponds to that of a 4th-century Roman fortress known as Duacum. From the 10th century the town was a romance fiefdom of the counts of Flanders. The town became a flourishing textile market centre during the Middle Ages , historically known as Douay or Doway in English. In , the county of Flanders passed into the domains of the Dukes of Burgundy and thence in into Habsburg possessions.

During successive sieges from to , Douai was almost completely destroyed by the British Army. By , the town was fully integrated into France. Douai became the seat of the Parliament of Flanders. Apart from the ferment of the French Revolution , it was again caught up in hostilities in World War I , [2] and in , the town was partly burned and liberated by the British Army after the Battle of Courtrai.

World War II also brought considerable damage to Douai.

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Prehistory and antiquity[ edit ] Section of the Roman city wall The first inhabitants of what is now Nantes settled during the Bronze Age , later than in the surrounding regions which have Neolithic monuments absent from Nantes. Its first inhabitants were apparently attracted by small iron and tin deposits in the region’s subsoil. Ratiatum, founded under Augustus , developed more quickly than Nantes and was a major port in the region. Nantes began to grow when Ratiatum collapsed after the Germanic invasions.

Although it lacked amenities such as a theatre or an amphitheatre , the city had sewers, public baths and a temple dedicated to Mars Mullo. The first local martyrs Donatian and Rogatian were executed in [29] , and a cathedral was built during the fourth century.

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